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Every business deserves the finest workers.

Colonial Testing Services (CTS)—in conjunction with our sister company, Colonial Risk Management—has put together a team of risk management, safety, human resources and sales professionals that have been delivering on this workplace ideal since 1997.

In addition, CTS has partnered with Total Compliance Network (TCN), a leader in the drug-testing industry, to deliver premium drug and/or alcohol testing solutions to your business. With a combined network of more than 4,000 collection sites nationwide, CTS and TCN offer the technology that ensures fast and professional test results. Our relationship with TCN—and the high volume of tests we conduct—allows us to offer lower pricing typically available only to the largest companies.

At CTS, we’re committed to helping you build and manage your drug-free team. Our clients—small businesses and large, across all industries, and throughout the United States—know that our personalized services allow them to focus on what is truly important—their own customers, and their own bottom line.

Our clients call it good service. We call it The Colonial Advantage; the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your drug-free workplace is in good hands.

Learn what Colonial Testing Services can do for you! Contact us today to speak with a representative or to reach us by e-mail.

In addition to providing services for employer drug and/or alcohol testing, Colonial Risk Management offers services that are essential for a complete risk management and safety program. To help our clients achieve the goals of a safer and healthier workplace, visit Colonial Risk Management.


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