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Our Primary Services

Colonial Testing Services (CTS) is in the business of helping companies implement programs for drug and/or alcohol testing in the workplace and of reporting the results of those tests.

Our knowledge and experience in this field mean we can offer you a vast network of collection sites and services, and an assortment of reporting methods that will meet your specific needs.


4,000+ In-Network Collection Sites

With more than 4,000 collection sites, CTS maintains a network of the largest laboratory-affiliated collection sites in the country. These sites are typically conveniently located in larger towns, such as those that would have hospitals or other medical facilities. Because of our vast network coverage, the price we quote you in your proposal will be based on all tests being conducted within the provider network.

Out-of-Network Costs

When you use the CTS in-network sites, you are never charged additional collection fees. If you use an out-of-network site, we will simply “pass through” any additional collection fees. These out-of-network fees vary from $5 to $50, and we do not mark them up in any way.

We encourage our clients to use in-network providers when possible, but if you must go out-of-network, let us know. If an out-of-network site is more convenient to you than our in-network site, we will contact them to see if they are willing to join our network, thus saving you money and travel time.

Collection Site Locations

CTS will provide you with a list of locations of the collection sites based on ZIP Codes you provide us. You may call or e-mail us at any time for additional collection site locations.

All of our collection sites offer urinalysis collection; however, not all offer the breath alcohol test (BAT). We cannot control this, but if we don’t offer the BAT in your area, we will find the closest in-network facility for you.

We can also arrange for a collection agent to come to your location. There is a nominal additional charge per collection. This charge varies based on the volume of collections performed. In order to be cost effective, there is typically a minimum number of collections that must be conducted. This pricing and minimums vary per region, so please inquire for more information. If a test must be conducted at a hospital, mobile 24-hour collection services are available in some areas.

Chain-of-Custody Forms

CTS will provide you with chain-of-custody forms for all of the collection sites you may use. We can send the forms either to your corporate office or individually to all of your satellite locations. Also, we can automatically reorder forms when you reach a predetermined level, or you can simply call in a reorder. Forms typically arrive in 3–5 days.


Medical Review Officer

A Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a licensed physician who is certified to conduct a confidential interview with each positive donor and confirm positive test results. All positive test results are processed manually by our in-house MRO. There are never any additional MRO service fees.

Reporting Methods

We offer various result-reporting methods at no additional charge to accommodate the needs of our clients. These methods include:

    • Internet — CTS provides each client contact with an Employer ID and a secure PIN to access results through our Web site. Clients are able to receive negative test results, generate custom reports and print negative MRO Verification of Determination reports. This real-time feature is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    • E-mail — Following the MRO review, we will e-mail negative test results to an assigned e-mail address provided by the client.

    • Telephone — Our Customer Service department will place a confidential phone call to the client’s designated contact.

    • Secure Fax — We will fax the MRO Verification of Determination report for each individual donor to an authorized and secure fax machine provided by the client.

    • Integrated Voice Response System — CTS provides each client contact with an Employer ID and a secure PIN to access negative test results through our toll-free phone number (866) 237-DRUG (3784). This real-time feature is available 24/7.

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