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Colonial Testing Services (CTS) offers assistance and services in the areas of program development, random list generation, education/training, on-site testing, point-of-care testing and innovative screening methods like hair-follicle testing.


CTS provides all of our clients with a drug testing policy manual, along with the necessary forms and paperwork. We will help you implement the policies and programs that will work best for you. We also provide guidance with your important decisions, such as:

  • What is the severity of your disciplinary action?
    • Zero tolerance—Termination (positives, adulterants, refusals)
    • Second chance—Termination with rights to rehire upon negative return-to-work test
    • Suspension—Suspension pending rehabilitation and negative return-to-work test
  • Will potential employees work or wait pending the test results?
  • What is the time frame for positive applicants to reapply?
  • Will you conduct Blood Alcohol Tests?
  • Will you conduct random tests?


To generate a random list, you provide us with a complete employee list in a computer-readable format and let us know the number of employees to be tested and the frequency of the tests. We will automatically generate a random list for you. There is never a charge for random list generation. DOT random list generation is also available at no charge.

For clients with smaller numbers of DOT drivers, we offer a consortium option, which reduces the number of random tests you have to run. There is a minimal charge for the consortium.


  • Companies That Implement Drug-Testing Programs

    CTS conducts employee and management education/training classes for companies that want to implement drug and/or alcohol testing programs. Training can be geared toward either the front-line employees or supervisory/management levels. It is not necessary for us to conduct training classes in order to implement a program for you, but we can conduct classes at your facility.

  • Companies That Follow Federal DOT Guidelines

    CTS conducts employee education/training classes on drug and/or alcohol testing for companies that follow DOT guidelines. The annual education required by DOT includes 1 hour of substance-abuse education and 1 hour of alcohol-abuse education. We also conduct annual DOT-required supervisory training classes.


Hair testing is an additional tool in detecting drug use. Hair testing offers a number of advantages over urine testing; however, it is not yet accepted by all regulatory authorities. Advantages of hair tests are:

• More accurate in detecting drug use
• Less invasive to the donor
• More convenient to collect

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