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On-site testing is a convenient service we can offer clients in most areas. Our representative will come to your facility—or any location you designate where your employees are located—and perform the collections on your employees while there There is a nominal additional charge per collection. This charge is varies based on volume of collection performed. In order to be cost effective, there is typically a minimum number of collections that must be conducted. This pricing and minimums vary per region, so please inquire for more information.


Point-of-Care (POC) drug testing is an alternative to traditional laboratory testing for employers that do not need or want to screen for drugs under state/federal regulations. With POC testing, we supply you with a device that screens for drugs and reports the results in 10–15 minutes. Typically Lab/MRO confirmation is not included. If the results are positive, we can then have it confirmed by a certified laboratory and a Medical Review Officer (MRO). POC services can include:

  • Oral saliva swab—The tongue and inside of the mouth are swabbed with a sponge, and results are available in 10 minutes. Positive results should be confirmed by an alternate method.
  • Adulterant strip—Packaged in 25-count tubes, each clip strip is used to test for six adulterants. Strips are used with the dip test and the self-contained collection cup, described below.
  • Dip test—A 5-panel or 10-panel dip device is used with a collection cup. (Lab/MRO confirmation and collection cup are not included.)
  • Self-contained collection cup—This self-contained cup contains a built-in 5-panel drug screen.
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