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Colonial Testing Services (CTS) is one of the nation’s leading providers of services for drug and/or alcohol testing in the workplace. Our innovative, total-management approach means our clients receive extraordinary customer service, cutting-edge technology, and the best pricing available.

Workplace drug and/or alcohol testing is serious business, often regulated by governmental agencies. Through our years of experience we’ve become experts in this field, and our expertise translates into drug-testing solutions for you.

We have the knowledge, the experience and the ability ... and we can help you. When conducting workplace drug and/or alcohol testing for your company, why not use the best! Read more about Colonial Testing Services.

Companies that implement efficient drug-free workplace programs typically will:

• Hire better employees
• Experience less employee turnover
• Realize higher productivity
• Reduce employee absenteeism/lost time
• Improve employee safety
• Enjoy better compliance with regulatory agencies
• Earn credit on workers’ compensation premiums
• Decrease workers’ compensation claims
• Reduce the number of approved claims because positive test results can prove a “causal relationship” between the claim and the drug and/or alcohol

When a company has contracted with a governmental agency, a drug-free workplace may be a requirement of doing business.

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